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Our Work

Dev & Data.

We are a team of 30+ designers, developers, and other digital pros – making the digital world better one service at a time. We think the best results are achieved when creativity and human understanding are combined with data and business intelligence.

Speed, luxury & elegance

Our goal was to create a beautiful and fast web service in all aspects while keeping everything aligned with the international’s visuals. We wanted to design and realize a business site that would support both the end-users’ and Porsche’s content producers’ needs.

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city of helsinki culture & leisure

Creating the best digital city in the world

We are defining Helsinki’s digital future by building the best culture and leisure services for the people of the city and transforming 130 sites into 5 cohesive ones. We’re also performing user testing to ensure we go from great concepts to end results that users will love.

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Saving lives with technology helps to find the nearest defibrillator to support a person’s resuscitation. Our mission was to make the service as fast, reliable and intuitive as possible for emergency situations. The service guides the user to the closest defibrillator, creating the potential to save a life.

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Helping people find their dream home

Pohjola Rakennus has over 30 years of experience in creating comfort zones for its customers, employees and partners. Together with the creative agency Sherpa, we renewed their website, brand and visual identity.

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Unique visuals for a bold startup media

Together with Slush, we created a daring and bold brand that expands the discussion in the startup & technology field and offers practical advice to future entrepreneurs. We crafted Soaked’s unique look. The distinctive, sophisticated and timely design has become the media’s most important competitive edge.

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Thousands of events powered by one platform

For Finland’s most versatile venue, we developed a flexible site management platform where each expo site has its unique identity. The platform serves almost 2 million people and allows Messukeskus to easily manage hundreds of event sites from a central hub while retaining a consistent structure throughout the site.

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Brand renewal for a leading software company

Qt is a world leader in providing open-source cross-platform application development tools used to create UI’s. We’ve had the privilege to work together with the business for the past 2,5 years and help them completely transform their brand, content and website.

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Enabling growth for the Finnish Reservists’ Association

The FRA strengthens the national defence will and maintains the military skills of reservists. Our goal was to create an online service that would support the organization’s needs by investing in an excellent information hierarchy, a unified visual look, and a seamless user experience.

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A new nest for the Angry Birds flock

Angry Birds has seen rapid growth and evolved into an entertainment brand that covers not just mobile games, but animation, books and more. With all this growth, the website for Angry Birds had not kept up with the times. We helped them build a new nest for their flock.

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